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Caney Creek Ranch - Oakwood, Texas Bull Semen, Charbray, Hay, Grass
Heat Tolerant, Adaptable Cattle

We have a large selection of breeding age
Charbray bulls for sale.

Through planned matings and rigid selection, Caney Creek Ranch produces bulls that will hold up in the toughest conditions and yield our customers a uniform, predictable calf crop.

We hope you will stop by and let us show you our program in progress.

You are always welcome!
Caney Creek Ranch provides a breed of cattle that are adaptive to the extremes of Texas and southern state climates.

For someone starting a new line of cattle and who wants to get optimal results, we have the solution. These cattle do not have to be constantly monitored for good results.

We invite you to come by and visit with us to see for yourself the depth of
our program.

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Charbray Cattle - Bulls, Semen, Embryos, Herd Sires
"The Charbray with a Little Ear"

We also provide additional services to aid the part-time rancher in making the best of their investment. These include:

  Quality Semen Sales Embryo Sales
  Custom Sprigging ServiceProviding Hay - Round or Square Bales

For Information Regarding any of our Services Contact:

Kimberly Ratcliff - Ranch Manager
Wesley Ratcliff - Owner
Marie Ratcliff - Owner

Telephone - 903-545-2543
Fax - 903-545-2743
Mobile: 214-676-3357 - Kimberly Ratcliff
Mobile: 214-676-2964 - Wesley Ratcliff


Caney Creek Ranch
111 PR 294
Oakwood, Texas 75855

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